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G-farm, Gamlitz, Austria

  • Status: ALLComplete
  • Date: 2012
  • Client: Confidential
  • Countries: Austria 
  • Typology: Interior  Living 
  • Size: <1.000m² 

In a beautiful country side of the south of Styria, well known for the great white wines, we got the commision to convert a beautiful old farmhouse from 1838. The house conrversion was strictly controlled from the city commision who has a council of architects for this kind of cases in order to preserve the best buildings. We decided from the beginning to practice this project with the most humility we could in order to preserve the old structure as much as possible and we adapt the outside to the new functions and to a modern lifestyle with the most sensitive changes. There are two small changes first the big windows to living room and second the big dormer of the upper floor in order to bring a lot of light inside. We tried to work with old elemnts of the sourrounding outside, but the inside change complete and became a tribute to the modern living in a “old box”. Nice ample space with douple high with mezzanine and straight lines characterize the house inside with a really moern result but still preserving the old wood structure that becomes part of the interiors.