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I-One, Trieste, Italy

  • Status: ALLComplete
  • Date: 2008
  • Client: Dott. Sergio Iankovics
  • Countries: Italy 
  • Typology: Interior  Living 
  • Size: <1.000m² 

The Iankovics Penthouse is the last floor conversion of a building initially born as a single-family home at the end of the sixties. It was successively divided into three flats.
The project is the simple result of a reflection about the place and the client characteristics.
The sight of the staircase and the wall cuts makes the first impact when entering the house. This invites the guest to go upstairs and to focus their sight on the wonderful gulf of Trieste. In the main part of the residence it is possible to perceive immediately the division between the public part and the private one. The day zone is very bright and it develops a very important relationship with the outside.
The materials are deliberately richer in the balcony and more modest inside in order to emphasize the owner’s search for open space. The night zone, with the wardrobe and the open studio, is the private heart of the house. It creates a second world where the privacy becomes the symbol.
There is a cut in the wall above the bed that has a double purpose: internally, the function as a continuously changing picture and externally, defining the beginning of the private zone as opposition of the day zone window.