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Labella, Trieste, Italy

  • Status: ALLIn Progress
  • Date: 2013
  • Client: Luca Bella
  • Countries: Italy 
  • Typology: Interior  Living 
  • Size: <100m² 

Developing a project for Trieste has always been a pleasure for AVA and
especially for me. Trieste is my city, my first love, the place where I can
find my roots. Every time I come back, I am amazed at its beauty, but I
feel despair when I see that it is being left to rot. For this reason, in this
project we want to bring the beauty of the city inside the flat. Re-using
simple elements such as the wood of the old ships as well as the simple
lines of the modern ships for the rest of the interior has been very
important to us. The aim of the interior is to create a small paradise to
relax, to feel safe and comfortable.