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  • Status: ALLDesign
  • Countries: Bulgaria 
  • Typology: Shopping  Working 
  • Size: <100.000m² 

The mollument* is the second project we developed for a shopping mall developer on this site. We had to start a brand-new concept since many aspects changed. First of all some a middle street that we add to had due to council decision and the size of the mall after the financial crisis. In a feld where mostly projects are trivial and not intresting, our goal was to achieve a friendly atmosphere for the buyers and workers without loosing the profitable aspects of the project. The building outside developes a facade in which the ornament is made true the commercials with cuts on the side that are prepared also to host different poster with back-light. The main entrance is cutted trough a diagonal to create a square with a insulation to the motorway creating a “private” space for buyers far away from the motorway feeling through the motive of the japanese garden. Inside the building deny the typical long straight buying streets of the malls, instead developed different angles trought a boxes kind of interior.