Graz, Austria

Italian delicacies meet Italian design! 
Apart from his passion for design, architect Andrea Vattovani shares a passion for good Italian food and wine!
Which is why he established the company Brigante in 2021, importing selected Italian delicacies to Graz.  
At Hofgasse 4, in the heart of Graz’s little Italy, you can find the new flagship store of A.G. Brigante & CO. 
The space had already been renovated by another Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin in the early 1990’s. We wanted to respect the former design and tried to embody the adaptations for the new flagship store in the minimalist space, by adding terracotta-colored accentuations in the furnishings, creating a more welcoming space while still allowing the Products to be the main focus. Looking forward to seeing you there – bon appetito!

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