Who we are

Andrea Vattovani Architecture (AVA) is an award winning studio specialized in architecture, urbanism, design as well as research. Our team has already developed over 100 projects and competitions in several countries. Our Graz based studio has worked on a variety of projects, each one having been developed with particular attention to its individual case, while holding on to AVA’s mission. Specifically, we believe that as planners and designers of urban projects and buildings, we have the responsibility to improve the city’s quality through creating real solutions. More generally, some of the key strategies of our team are creative reduction of form, meticulous attention to detail, and always achieving a noble architectural design with a strong focus on functionality and accurate response to site surrounding.

Our strategy

Being an architect is a delicate and multifaceted task. One must not only be an excellent technician but also have artistic, creative qualities, tied in with patience and amazing listening skills, not short of a psychologist. Further, amazing organizational skills and an acute awareness of the influence one exudes on peoples’ lives are also of utter importance.

That is why, at AVA we avoid formalistic and overly fashionable architecture, instead of striving for clear communication of ideas through our projects. We aspire to create timeless architecture by reducing form, efficient and functional use of materials, at the same time remaining conscientious of costs.

Write us what is your vision, and together we can make it become reality!

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