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Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

  • Status: ALLDesign
  • Date: 2015
  • Client: Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
  • Countries: Germany 
  • Typology: Cultural  Museums  Public Building 
  • Size: <10.000m² 

It is unthinkable to discuss Bauhaus without mentioning Dessau. The world-famous Bauhaus building itself is situated in the city. With its grand collection of art it needs also a grand museum to not only present the great works and ideas behind Bauhaus but also to show history behind it.
The new Bauhaus museum in Dessau will not only be an attraction for visitors, but will also be a new meeting spot for the people of the city. The value and clarity of the project should be clear even before the visitor steps into the building itself. A connection between the city park and the new building will be carefully created.


Through the clear and reduced form of the building it reminds of Bauhaus where simplicity and function were the great judges of good design and art. To emphasize the connection between building and park we can see the ground level flowing around and into the park thanks to its organic structure.
The interaction between the organic museum and public space creates exciting new focal points, positions and circulations. The museum is more a continuation of the park than a border.


The foyer draws its attention by the sculptural staircase in the middle of the room. The rooms for events and Cafés in the upper floor are easily separated from the exhibition rooms to ensure opening hours during the evening.


The upper floor is designed more straight and rejects the organic concept – the rooms are clearly separated and the façade consists of glass panels and perforated metal.


Architect: Andrea Vattovani

Project Team: Igor Kolonic, Ajna Babahmetovic

Renderings:  © AVA