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Limehouse, Dubai, UAE

  • Status: ALLDesign
  • Date: 2015
  • Client: Cayan Group
  • Countries: UAE 
  • Typology: Living 
  • Size: <10.000m² 

The task of combining the townhouse typology with apartments on a rather small plot proved to be an exciting challenge. We approached the project by analysing existing typologies found in Dubai and addressing their perks and flaws. Using the gathered knowledge and our previous experience in concept development we started experimenting with form until we found the perfect solution.


The resulting design consists of 24 units, which are a mix of tonwhouse units on the first 4 floors and penthouse aparments on the last floor. The facade of the building is a clustered combination of various building elements like terraces, loggias and sun shades. The careful selection of high quality materials gives character to the building and makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings. The facade design provides the inhabitants with enough privacy but also brings natural light into the apartments. The inner courtyard consits of community area with a swimming pool and a garden. The roof can be equiped with solar (PV) panels to provide the building with renewable energy.