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Baton, Vienna, Austria

  • Status: Complete
  • Date: 2016
  • Client: Marco Armiliato
  • Countries: Austria 
  • Typology: Interior 
  • Size: <100m² 

Andrea Vattovani of AVA designs the new Austrian residence for Marco Armiliato. He is considered to be one of today’s most respected opera conductors and is a frequent guest in the world’s most prestigious opera houses(New York, Vienna, Zurich…). Andrea Bocelli’s opening concert of Expo 2015 in Milan hosted in front of the Duomo was directed under the baton of maestro Marco Armiliato. Together we found a flat in the main center of Vienna in a beautiful location that due to privacy remains undisclosed for the public. The flat was in a terrible condition, completely full with furniture and items left by the people who used to live there. Typically for old flats in this district, the rooms were quite narrow and didn’t provide much spatial quality. The flat was divided into three rather small rooms and a quite large and unuseful entrance area. The decision was made to remove all the walls between the entrance, living room and the kitchen to create a complete new layout of the flat and accommodate modern living. “It is a big responsibility to create a home for somebody even more if you have to make feel home somebody who travels as much as Marco” so says Andrea. Every piece of furniture was custom designed to fit perfectly to the flat. The elements that were used are elegant and simple, like for example the frameless doors. Especially important is the main door between private and living area of the small but efficient flat that seamlessly blends with the wall to define the private space. The living area is one spacious open room, consisting of ktichen, living room and dining area. On the other hand, behind the seperation wall is the private area of the apartment consistint of the bathroom, walk-in closet and of course the bedroom. With less walls inside, the apartment can draw a lot more natural light inside, which in combination with chosen materials makes it feel warm and welcoming. Marco and his wife now feel at home when they are in Vienna and they don’t miss the chance to express how happy they are with the design. “I think this is the best compliment you can achieve as an architect when designing private houses or doing interior design. As we are more used to develop large scale projects it is very refreshing to see how interesting and nice it is to develop projects on this scale, especially when everything works amazingly well like in this case.”-Andrea.