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Book Temple, Graz, Austria

  • Status: ALLDesign
  • Date: 2010
  • Client: City library
  • Countries: Austria 
  • Typology: Cultural  Education 
  • Size: <1.000m² 

The “Book Temple” is the design for the new city public library of Graz, a modern concept that allowed people to rent books, movies and music like most of the newest hybrid libraries where customers can access to any kind of medias. The concept is really easy, an endless line as a symbol for the dynamic and contemporary where everything take place. Each person knows where he is going with this simple concept the orientation is brought completely in foreground. A longish element which follows the whole floor plane and leads the visitor from the entrance to the inside.
The library always has been a place for culture improvement, and always where characterized trough the repetition of elements, the bookshelf, the books.
. The sequence of shelves with the books is a mark able sign of a roundly known image of a library and want to give the idea of a sacral place to emphasises te important of culture.
Design and functionality where brought to one line to combine the highest interests of users and to get an ambitious interior design. Natural elements where used in this project to achieve an harmonical atmosphere In the first row of this project is the user itself that convey the force of the knowledge and the importance of libraries.
The language of shapes should be an allusion to the always recurring of the strength in libraries. Aligned to the time and its function it becomes a kind of temple with a comfortable ambience. Nothing is a new invention , the design process was more of a contemporary implemented version of the old libraries.