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Greenpark, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  • Status: ALLDesign
  • Date: 2012
  • Client: Trakia
  • Countries: Bulgaria 
  • Typology: Shopping  Working 
  • Size: <100.000m² 

The design developed through the city’s medieval concept. A central spot, the main square is in the center of the Greenpark as well. This citation lies at the root of our concept. The courtyard is a venue and offers visitors different experiences. The site utilization in the building is not build on the typical ring system. It is a road network which guides visitors through the mall.Through the use of natural elements we create a connection to nature. An artificial Landscape, with which the visitor connects with, subconsciously.

In todays society shopping is ‘nearly’ as important as religion. As in many countries shopping cencers are open on Sundays, they replace the social component of a church. They develop into a hub. Despite their increasing meaning todays ‘retail heavens’ do not offer extraordinary and new architecture but are part of mass production.

Our project focuses on the consideration of the user and seeks to unite the power of nature with the modern aspect of shopping. It emphasizes the importance of an unique atmosphere. Not through our fast moving society, but through the adaptability of its design, our project succeeds to be timeless. Through clarity, different variations arise to attract different visitor groups.

Through its economic façade and the use of economically priced materials the project aims to impress our guests. Used colors are reduced to green and white, to createa a contrast and amplify the effect of colorful shops.

The use of vertical gardens allowed us to combine wall covering with green space.

The courtyard is transformable, multifunctional and can be used for different events. It will be a ‘Piazza’ for cafés and restaurants. The vertical garden creates a symbol of the green space which used to be at the location. An emergency staircase is located in the center of the ‘Piazza’, which transforms into a climbing wall in the outdoor area.

This opens the opportunity to interconnect the climbing wall with a large sports shop. The planned pond which is also located in the courtyard, will transform into an ice surface in winter, to give the visitors the opportunity for new experiences.

The bright surfaces, affordable building materials, the combination of glass and high-grade steel together with the Vertical Garden create a special ambience. The extraordinary impression, which grows on a shopping mall through time, accelerates through the simplicity, clarity and the limited use of different materials. The feeling of artificial nature is created.