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Rui Village, Ruichang, China

  • Status: Design
  • Date: 2015
  • Client: Confidential
  • Countries: China 
  • Typology: Living 
  • Size: <10.000m² 

The sizes of the plots is 5,873 m2. The total requested built areas was 4,000m2 that we reached with our proposal. We wanted to create a special flair, a place to feel home but relax on the same time with the highest standard of living quality.

We created two different units to create also two different flats to adapt to the market. At the same time they can fit different need. The houses are really flexible and different function can be brought in.

Every unit has a own parking place covered for 2 cars, from the ground floor you can enter the house and reach the kitchen with a dining area and a bar. You than have a Living area as well as in the unit A  breakfast/reading area all directly to the own garden with terrace also perfect for Chinese BBQs.

At the same floor under the staircase there is a storage room and a toilet to avoiding going on the upper floor for that. The upper floor offers an area to relax were different functions can be adapted. For instance a music area or a more private living room or a living room for kids. There are 3 bedrooms with own toilets and at the same time,  the bedroom could be used as an atelier, 2 of them have also a balcony. You can keep going up to the third floor where there is a bigger area with own toilet to find, that can be used as master bedroom as well studio or own practice with a nice big terrace for guests in summer evenings.

Sun shaders are provided as well for hot summers.

The house design is inspired by the form of the flower petals and than rationalized to create a functional but beautiful design.

The houses want to use solar panel on the roof and to reduce energy consumption and the house its self is planned to be insulated with the higher standard. Insulated glas and up to 14 cm insulations are meant to guarantee a good internal clima. On the south side a concrete wall is meant to save energy and cool down the house during summer. The main walls are also main structure of the building creating a form free layout easy to be changed also in the future. The house is meant to have reinforced concrete structure.

There is no strict constraint on the townhouse unit size, although a balanced approach to artistry, habitability, and commercial viability should be maintained.