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Vivum, Graz, Austria

  • Status: ALLIn Progress
  • Date: 2011
  • Client: Vivum
  • Countries: Austria 
  • Typology: Health  Sport 
  • Size: <10.000m² 

When we first started this project we received already some proposal for the inner-layout and we have been asked to develop the colours and the way the therapy centre could look.
But we decided right away to start from schratch since we where not convinced at all about the idea was presented to us. We changed completely the concept by putting the training room directly in the middle and use it also as connection to all other rooms. The idea was the winning one and the developers really loved it. After we developed the project really almost as a tailor work to evrysingle need.
The purpose was to offer the visitors oft the facility a pleasant and optical attractive architecture that make them feel good. The rooms are barrier-free situated in the ground floor. The entrance for the Physiotherapy leads to the inviting porch and the friendly designed reception area. Next to the waiting room, separated through a glaswall, is the trainings therapy. This spacious volume builds the centre of the project. Around this space are several different functions arranged. The rooms for single therapies are arranged on both sides of the trainings therapy room. The room in the middle gets its light from two overhead light and a big roof window. On the third side of the trainings therapy room are some open therapies a room situated and behind is a separate gymnastic room with a spacious roof window. This room can also be used for lectures and other events. A free space for different use is situated on the south-east side of the project.
The changing rooms for man and women can be reached from the waiting room; they are equipped with separate showers and toilets. Across from the entrance is the water therapy, which has a big pool, a quiet area with beds and showers. This part of the therapy has its own climate zone and provides an attractive and cosy sense of space.
Located on the left upper side of the building is the Asia zone with a separate quiet area which can be used for mental training and relaxing.
Another highlight of the complex is the spa area with three infrared cabins. They are used for therapeutic purpose and recreation.
The staff has its own entrance with a common room and a terrace for pleasant breaks.