COVID-19: What it means for the architecture industry?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine, most companies have had to adapt to the situation and transfer the company’s work force to remote work. Architecture agencies worldwide have successfully kept running projects from their home offices. However,...

Friuli Future Forum Interviews Vattovani

Today it was published the interview of Andrea Vattovani was made before the lecture on saturday 14th of september in Casa Cavazzini at 11am in the historical center of Udine.

Andrea Vattovani’s interview on Europaconcorsi

The interview of Andrea Vattovani on will let you now a bit more about his point of view on architecture. You can read it now online at the Italian architectural site in English and Italian. The link to the page: Interview on...

Today Andrea Vattovani’s interview on Soundportal

Today was on air in two parts the interview about Megacities, that Andrea Vattovani released in exclusive fot the austrian radio Soundportal, in occasion of the Lecture hold the 7th of June at the Afro-Asian Institute in Graz.
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