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White Swan, Graz, Austria

  • Status: ALLDesign
  • Date: 2011
  • Client: ASKÖ‐Landesverband Steiermark
  • Countries: Austria 
  • Typology: Sport  Working 
  • Size: <10.000m² 

This is the story of the incredible transformation, from an unsightly duck to a white shining swan. Our goal was to develop a light, friendly building which meets the requested functions on the one hand and appears representative and inviting on the other hand.

The Forecourt
The existing forecourt is an important element, but at the moment it is a detached and uninviting space, is it conceived as a public square. This is used as movement area, meeting point and communication area, which can be used by the athletes, the attendants of ASKÖ aswell as by the public. The new ASKÖ Center is situated as head building on the southwest end of the site. With a clear, light form, which floats over the ASKÖ lettering, the square gets well defined and the entrance is designed as square extension. The pattern on the square, a conduction of the ASKÖ logo, is continued until the playing field starts.

Separated Use
In the area of the porch the two main entrances and the staircase to the existing tribune are situated . So that every functional unit can be used separately.
The broad glazed foyer on the ground floor extends with the gallery in the direction of the sports field, until it reaches the resturant with the terrace on the first floor. Thus it occurs at double height, which communicates a pleasant free room feeling.This visual communication continues to the offices in the first floor. The office is developed from a separated staircase and is designed as an open office, which gets structured by alternate open and closed areas. Organized on the North side, the offices can receive a lot of natural light and have a nice view on the park.

The Square and the Park of the Castle
On the basement floor the sport hall and the movement center are located. With a common pollutant corridor the changing rooms are aligned. Between the changing rooms and the sport hall a separate clean corridor is located, which provides a flexible use and free movement within the sport hall even when they are separated.

The Framework
To make the idea of lightness and friendliness possible the whole first floor is constructed as a framework box, which is held by the ASKÖ lettering on the forecourt side. This structure enables flowing rooms in the area of the foyer and an all-round daylight illumination through the framework. The upper closing is a beam grillage that carries the green roof.

The White Swan
A timeless building, which fits harmonically into the existing structure. Representative and functional, the ASKÖ stadium develops a friendly and inviting face.