Today took place the final presentation of “Designing3/Town planning” the course held by Arch. Andrea Vattovani at Graz University of Technology.
The subject of the course and competition was to design a shopping center and try to re-interpret the way of shopping.
The projects had really a high level considering that the students are in the 5th semester of their studies. Every single student achieved the goal of a functional and realistic but still innovativ project.
In front of an exceptional Jury composed of: Dott. Arch. Andrea Vattovani, DI Arch. Danijela Gojic, Ing. Gerhard Fleissner and Prof. Grigor Doytchinov were awarded the three best projects with moneys prices in the following order:

1.Price: Julia Gaal
2.Price: Alexandra Myriam Prömer
3.Price: Katharina Rabanser

Ing. Gerhard Fleissner said about the presentation:

“…I saw today really many good projects, and I really can imagine many of them could be really interesting to be build, maybe under some adaptation. I think for the average achieved level of this group we have also to thank the engagement of Arch. Andrea Vattovani…”

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